Blender to Unity textures are blurry.

I use Blender for modeling,and for the images (While using CG Textures to gain realistic looking photos.)
Now models I make are not the BEST, but they can do considering this is my first game. I am more of a 3D modeler then a 2D artist so I use CG textures and edit them to fit my Texture map I made in Blender, UV map that is.
Now when I import it to Unity, I add the texture to the model,yet even though the texture looks good on the image, it looks blurry and it sucks when its added to the model.
To me,graphics are important since thats what mainly brings a person to play it (I mean by this, if a game looks crappy and graphics, most people wont play it.) so this has been a big problem for a bit.I tried looking it up but nothing, and I looked at the import settings (I am still new to Unity, even through I have been using it for around 2 months now, so I am not 100% sure on what I was doing, but I know I didn’t make it bad since it was bad BEFORE I tried editing the import settings.)
I import the blender models as .Blend, and I am not the best at UV Mapping, so is that a big problem in this?

One more thing I didn’t include in the title was, when I go to a image in import settings, I can not make it a normal map, and when I use normal maps in Unity they do not work, like it looks the same, and I am using the some of the already made ones, such as trees and such, or assets from the asset store.

Is there anyway to fix this? Is it in Unity? Blender? Like what, thank you for reading this and I would be very happy to get some help on this topic.

Go to your image and set from Bilinear to Point - The textures will look like in Minecraft (Pixelated). If thats not satisfactory then try setting it not to compress, with Trilinear with high resolution from 1024 - to a higner one. Then check Edit>ProjectSettings>Quality - play around there and change the res to eigth, quarter, double res

Perhaps the images are compressed in unity.

Do all textures on all objects appear blurry?
Do they appear blurry only from a distance?
There are render settings that affect things like this.

This is the model