Blender to unity transform problem

Hi guys.
So previously I had a problem with mirrored objects acting as one object in unity and I had that fixed and managed to separate them.

Now the problem is, for example, in my car prefab (scene view), my front (left and right) wheels are positioned correctly but their position in the inspector is exactly the same.

This becomes a problem when trying to drive the car in playmode, my front left wheel goes to my front right wheels position and the left side of my car is left without wheels.
How can I fix this?

The problem lies with the centering of the mesh…when you seperate a part of the mesh…the new object carries the origin of the original object, this can create problem with transform, and rotation and scaling will become really messy and position confusing atleast… to fix this…

  1. Head back into blender…choose the displaced object, you will notice a small orange dot (at a distance in these cases)…this is the origin of the object
  2. press Tab to go into edit mode, then press ‘A’ to select the complete object (in edit mode)…and then drag it over to the origin and properly center it
  3. Press tab again to go into object mode and then select the object and drag it back to it’s desired position.

This would solve the problem…

I am not sure whether this will work but worth giving a try GitHub - EdyJ/blender-to-unity-fbx-exporter: FBX exporter addon for Blender compatible with Unity's coordinate and scaling system.