BLENDER & Unity Questions

Blender does not want to insert any meshes into Unity for some reson and it's above version 2.5 or something, but it still wont while it says it should. Can't find any manual converters either (.blend --> .obj)

Also when I uploaded my game people starter asking of me to create missions as with them it would be extremely fun. So, does anybody know any good find, survive and/or coin gathering scripts? Coz that would be Awesome XD

Which Unity are you using? Which exactly Blender (where did you download it from)?

Unity 3.1 (and older) work only with Blender 2.49 (which can be downloaded from

Unity 3.2 works with Blender 2.55 latest builds (you have to download it from

Blender can export to FBX which is supported by Unity.

if its blender version 2.5x, you can export to FBX

if its blender 2.49, you can simply drag the .blend file to your assets folder.

if you cant see your mesh wehn you drag it in, you may need to scale it up or flip the normals.