Blender Unity Textures

Hello all. I have been using Blender to create some objects for my later importing them into Unity. However, I am unsure about how to do texturing.

In the past (on different software) I have used a single image made of multiple textures arranged in a grid and then modified the UV data so that it looks like multiple textures.

In Blender I seem to be able to use multiple textures from different files using the UV/image editor and customize their UV data. Great.

However, although these work when imported into Unity the materials seem to be shared between the objects. The end result being that I can’t scale the textures or change the textures on one of the imported objects without changing all of them which can be kind of annoying.

I was wondering what sorts of methods people generally use for texturing their imported objects. Do people manually combine their textures or are multiple textures on a single mesh easy to achieve?

That’s just how things work. If you want them to be treated seperately, make two materials using the same texture in blender, and when you import, you can modify them seperately.