Blender UV materials turning to black in editor

So, i have made a model, made the uv’s, applied the textures in gimp, and saved the file in the game directory. When applying the texture to a model, the model turns black.

This hasn’t occurred on all the models, i have a green indicator that works fine, but a simple wall and even a cube will not render the texture either in editor or in game.

Without any texture applied, it is the standard white.

I have reinstalled both blender and unity. As a measure of how messed up it is, i saved a box, saved its uv, applied the texture to the box in unity, and it still comes out as black.

I’m using 64bit version of Blender 2.62, Unity 3.5.0f.

ehm just open your model file again in blender and go to materials and add a new material then go to textures and add a new texture then choose “image or movie” from the list click open and select the png uv file you saved then goes abit down in the texture panel and search for cordinates choose UV from this list.
now export this model to fbx file and import the fbx asset in unity.
try this i hope it works.

This issue has been solved…its an issue with the driver, not with the car :slight_smile:

Myrid of specifics that need to go into the models, ensuring the origins are centered, the uv’s are up to date etc etc.