Blender's Pitchipoy 2.79 Rigify to Unity

Does anybody have a definitive tutorial for importing pitchipoy ( from Blender 2.79…the one with all the face bones) to Unity 2018?

I’m looking high and low on the internet for something that works, but a lot of things review stuff for a version of pitchipoy I’m not using. It’s honestly a little maddening, and I would hate for all these animations I tediously worked on to go to waste.

The model may work as a generic rig, but I’d like to use it as a humanoid. In the settings for humanoid, however, it asks for a hip bone–I don’t have one. Pitchipoy from blender 2.79 doesn’t make / name one. On top of that the arms have parenting issues in the humanoid set up, even if I use ORG-UpperArmL, etc.

A lot of very strange issues. If anybody knows of a good tutorial that isn’t dated, please share. I have no idea of how to get this to work at this point.


I’m trying to work with the default, which is forcing in the DEF bones to the humanoid setup. Not sure if it’s supposed to use those. Ignoring at the moment what I saw in other related tutorials that are dated. currently trying to solve an issue with teeth.


I would very heavily suggest anybody looking to use pichipoy… to not. It’s wildly complex and will likely slow down your game. Use your own rig + helpers to keep things as clean as possible. I’ve tried some scripts to help with transferring 2.79’s pichi rig to unity, but there’s a bunch of junk that comes in regardless, and at the end of the day it doesn’t really look like anything can be done about compatibility. You’re at the mercy of unity’s updates, blender’s rigify updates, and the plugin scripts used to clean things up on the rig from random people on the internet. Personally, that’s too many variables that aren’t up to you to risk momentary ease. If you wanna future proof your project, just do as much as you can by yourself. And if it is as pivotal (no pun intended) as your rig, you’re better off making sure you know everything that’s happening.

Auto-Rig Pro is the only advanced rigging add-on for Blender that I’ve seen that is in any way smart about how it exports to Unity – It has its own FBX export feature independent of Blender’s native export. Unfortunately, it costs $40… But it’s arguably worth it.