Blending animation issue - Diagonal move is distorted (legs are crossed)

Hello guys! Im currently working with animations, and trying to achieve top down view where character looks at mouse and moves on WASD. Using 5 animations ( idle, moveForward, moveBackward, moveLeft, moveRight) and blending them in blend tree with 2 values. Everything is great, but on 2 angles animation gets distorted and character is like jumping, however other 2 diagonal angles are good.

Animations are made from

alt text

Animation is distorted when turn is -1 and forward 1 and
vice versa turn is 1 and forward -1

Any suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

You animations sound like they are unmatched. Simple. If left foot is first in one, then left foot must be first in all.

The other consideration is the mis-setting of the Nodegraph.

Im also not convinced that Idle should be Blended with that lot. Youre idle or youre not.

You can adjust the Max and Min ranges to Add or Take ‘weight’ from Motions in the blend.

It’s to do with the feet.