Blending Animator Animations with Ragdoll


I currently have a TeddyBear model (taken from the Mecanim example on the Unity Store) to which is attached an animator and a ragdoll.

The animator has two layer, the first has a single state, whith no animation. The second layer has an idle state, with an idle clip and a Avatar mask that masks both arms, so that everything is using the Idle clip except the arms, which are static in the relax pose.

If I remove the controller form the bear, the ragdoll takes control of the entre body and the bear falls to the ground.

What I would like is for the ragdoll to take over the control of the arms and the rest of the bear to keep playing the animation clip.

I was thinking that I would have a ragdoll on a seperate skeleton, where I would activate only the arms, and then I could position the teddyBear’s wrists at the IKSolving step… Unfortunately Unity’s IK isn’t great, so I wouldn"t be able to control too much and I’m afraid the results will look “frankensteineske” - patched together.

I want to know if there is another way of doing this, a different point of view, and maybe advice from someone who has tried this before.

Use the isKinematic option from the relevant rigid body. This lets the animation ( or anything else)control the transform inplace of the rigid body.

I guess this system will do the trick AnimFollow