Blending arrays together

Phew. Here we go: I’m doing the whole ‘Voxel Cube Engine’ thingy (because I can) and have come across the bit where I flawlessly implement Perlin Noise. I didn’t.

All in all I’ve got a downloaded script generating my noise. I can fill an array with it and then pop it on a cube to test. Thats fine but noise like this is generated by layering different ‘sizes’ of noise on top of each other. Anyone got any idea on how to do this? I can fill up arrays with noise, just haven’t figured how to blend them into a fabulously noisy thing. I’ve sorta lost my capacity to think straight afterdoing this ALL DAY. They are float arrays by the way, 2 dimensional not jagged also. I can put the script up, just be aware it may make good coders cry.

If both arrays are the same size, go thought them all and make a weighted average. Usually you pick one to be main noise and one to be minor (like small waves over a big, slow tide.) Say you want a 90/10 mix, the loop body is:

C[i,j] = A[i,j]*0.9f + B[i,j]*0.1f;

But noise isn’t esp. a Unity thing. Lots of better places to look.