BlendOps on mobile not supported?

I have a shader based on the default sprite shader (“Sprites/Default”). I added a single line:

BlendOp Max

The intention was to not add up the alpha values of overlapping sprites. Everything works as intented in the editor (with OpenGL ES 2.0 emulation enabled and Android as target platform). However, on the device (Samsung Galaxy S5) the shader is not used. Instead it falls back to the FallBack shader.

When I comment out that line the shader is used.

Is BlendOp not supported on Android?
Thanks in advance!

Ok, I found out the OpenGL ES extension “GL_EXT_blend_minmax” is not supported by that version of the Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F).

Source: GPU hardware info database launchpad

Maybe it should be noted in the Unity docs (Unity - Manual: ShaderLab command: Blend) that those operations are not supported by all devices.