Blendshape import: mesh normals don't import correctly

Ever since Unity supports blendshapes, I have had issues with importing mesh normals. When I create a blendhsape face rig in Blender and export it either as fbx or save it as a .blendEverything imports correctly, except the areas where the blendshapes are: it looks like some faces are inverted. In Blender, everything looks correct.

I’ve noticed this only happens with blendshaped meshes. On this image you see left: a skinned mesh renderer without blendshapes, right: with blendshapes.

I’ve tried pretty much everything, even tried saving and fbx exporting in every version of blender from 2.49 up to 2.69, but the result is the same. Has anyone ever had issues like this? Any help would be appreciated!

I solved the problem by simply exporting an fbx of my .blend file, letting a friend import it into 3ds max and re-export it as an fbx file. It now works fine!

From what I’ve learned Blender sometimes creates these mesh ‘errors’ when you add blendshapes to a mesh. There’s nothing you can do about it in Blender or Unity, as far as I can say.

I’m using Blender 2.78 - and had a similar problem. After exporting the mesh to FBX (7.4 binary option) it was fixed. I didn’t have to import it to 3ds Max - just exported it straight from Blender and imported to Unity. Hope it helps.