Blendshapes How To Get them in from Maya

I can see my blendshapes in the Maya panel, but I can’t get them to show in Unity 4.50f6.

The blendshapes are in Maya and I can see them, but when I export as an FBX Unity doesn’t show them anywhere on any of the bones. (Not even the root.) I reimported to Maya and even 3DS Max for good measure and they both show the morphs there, and I can play with the sliders. But when I import the same FBX to Unity nothing happens. I can see the model, and import it to my scene, but no blendshapes are there.

My question is what is the workflow to import them or export them so they show up in Unity? Or do the blendshapes need a value to actually import? I have them zeroed so that I can make them blink in Unity. Instead of closed eyed.

Thanks for the help in advance.

u need to check the “import blendshapes” box in import settings …

and after chacking that box, u will find “skinned mesh renderer” component on the gameobject supporting that mesh… that component will be handling ur blendshapes