BlendTree More option for MotionClip

First of all i'm not sure about the plan for the current animation/animator system and i know that the team are focusing on DOTS animation , is there going to be feature addition on the current animation or just bugfixing.

But the current blendtree motion clip option seems highly limited especially when used with Direct Blend Mode.
I would like to request more option for motion clip in the blendtree, which is.

Absolute Parameter mode : Basically the parameter always 1 and no need to assign another Animator Parameter for this, would be usefull for a motion clip on zero zero parameter as when using 2D BlendMode.

Motion Time : The same Motion Time Option as in the States Machine Settings, this can give us more control over each motion clip timing

I wouldn't expect any new features to be added to the Animator Controller system.

You might be interested in Animancer (link in my signature) which has Mixers that are like Blend Trees, but fully controllable by code so you could easily override its Parameter to round fractions up to 1. I'm not sure what your Motion Time suggestion really means, but Mixers give you direct access to their blended time and the time of each child so you can likely achieve what you want for that too.

Motion Time is the Normalized Playback time, basically we can scrub the animation playback back and forth manually within the states which is very handy. Not sure when did unity add it though, i just realize this thing exist like a week ago.
And i would like to have the same control per motion clip within blendtree