BlendTree - turn animation right/left get stuck


i am a beginner and need help with the live tutorial - setting up a humanoid avatar which is in animation.

I have rebuild all setups which is presented in this tutorial and it works ok.

But my problem started when i add turn left or turn right animation which was not shown in this tutorial.

The turn-animation get stuck, when i have changed position and put there the left-key for turn left animation or right-key for turn right animation. When i release left-key or right-key it went back to idle state and the ohter animations which was presented in the tutorial works normal.

But the left or right animation works only 1 time and that is when i start the game and put one of this turns without using other animations. But after this 1 time turning it stuck again when i try to turn again.

Can anyone help ? Or is anywhere this premade material which he used in this tutorial so i can look myself how he build left and right turns ?

Ah sorry,

i just looked again and i see that i have to set the root transformation settings.