Blob light projector tiling across deformed terrain

alt text

Pictured above is what I am trying to accomplish. I’m projecting a hexagon grid onto some terrain so that when there are changes in the terrain elevation, there is still a visible grid if you look at the terrain from directly above. So far, things are working great until…

alt text

…Until I attempt to actually deform the terrain. Once I do that, the orthogonal projection stops tiling and will only actually effect the area it’s being projected on to. Is there an easy way to fix this?

I think I found the solution: make the projector the same size as the terrain object.

It takes a bit of tweaking to get the tiling right, but it works. The reason the problem occurs is because of the way Unity divides the terrain up into multiple meshes for creating LODs. That’s why the problem doesn’t occur if the terrain is not deformed.

Hope this helps.