Blob shadow changes transparency

Unity 3.4 - I have a blob shadow projector positioned over a vehicle. Both are childs of the same object, so the blob shadow follows the vehicle around the scene. The projector ignores all layers except for the terrain. The shader is ‘FX/Projector Multiply’ with two Photoshop files defining the ‘Cookie’ and ‘Falloff’. There is one ‘Point Light’ in the scene.

However, as the vehicle moves around the scene, the shadow unexpectedly changes transparency in a limited number of certain areas and viewpoints - it is as if there are two transparency values defined for the shadow, and it occasionally flips to the lighter value. This occurs in both the editor and the player. The shadow worked fine in 2.6, so I’m not sure what is going on. Should the shadow change?


I am not sure that using a multiply shader is the best way to implement the blob shadow. Is there a particular reason you’re choosing multiply, especially since you’re asking the proj to ignore other layers?
The most straightforward way to implement the blob shadow is to choose ‘projector/decal’, rather than multiply, I believe.

Thanks, I used the ‘Blob Shadow Projector.prefab’, which is a ‘Standard Asset’ and uses the ‘Projector/Multiply’ shader. I did some additional checking and it appears I had changed a few values in Tags {}, and that change was apparently causing the shadow to be rendered twice in 3.4. I reverted to the default Tags { “RenderType”=“Transparent-1” } and that fixed the issue.