Blob Shadow effect using raycast on a jumping object (2D)

I have a player that jumps on platforms. I need a simple blob (circle) shadow under the player. I could’ve made a child object with a pre-made image of a shadow and attached it to the player, but the player can jump, so this won’t work. Can I achieve this using Raycast? Enable the shadow object only when the raycast hits a 2DCollider and enable it at the end position where the raycast hit? If yes, then how can I do that? Thank You!

raycasthit _info;
ray _ray;
_ray.direction = //direction;
_ray.origin = player.transform.position;

physics.raycast(ray, out _info);

gameobject Shadow;

Shadow.transform.postion = _info.point;
Shadow.transform.lookat(- _info.normal);

that look at will make it look right at the wall or whatever it just hit.

pseudo code so possibly minor mistakes.

Based on SonicDirewolf version I wrote this, that works well in 3D :

public class RaycastedShadowImposter : MonoBehaviour
	public float raycastLength = 10;
	public float upDecalFromFloor = 0.05f;

	private void Update ()
		Ray ray = new Ray ( transform.position + ( Vector3.up * raycastLength ), Vector3.down * raycastLength );
		if ( Physics.Raycast ( ray, out var hit ) )
			transform.position = hit.point + ( Vector3.up * upDecalFromFloor );
			transform.LookAt ( transform.position + hit.normal );
			Debug.DrawLine ( hit.point, hit.point + ( hit.normal * 5 ) );

To put on a GameObject that contains a SpriteRenderer.