Blob shadow problem

Hi, I am trying to create a simple blob shadow for a racing car. I am using the standart blob shadow prefab, with my custom texture for shadow shape. The problem is that beside the shadow it also shows an ugly endless line of shadow. See the picture:

alt text

I am experiencing the same problem, have you found the solution yet?

Make sure the edges of your texture are all white. What you are seeing is the clamping on the texture is just taking the edge pixels are stretching them over the rest of the area. Clamping does not cut off drawing, it just says, repeat the last pixel on that edge.
(note how many polygons the shadow affects, it is literally adding a layer to every polygon in the scene so you do not want more than a couple of blob shadows or your scene will be very slow.)

Hi guys I just figured this out.

Check your texture properties: under texture importer select “Border Mip Maps”

This cleaned up the edges for me