Blob shadow with projector does not move

I'm using the blob shadow prefab and it looks to be working, except while projecting the image, it does not move the image.


I parent the projector to a cube that is moving with constant force. The projector projects onto ground plane, but when it moves, the projected image does not.


I'm using the transparent/cutout/diffuse shader. I use a png file with alpha channel as texture. The image is a star for test purposes. I see the star projected on a plane. I move the projector, the star does not move. I move the plane, the star image moves with the plane.

I've also used the FX/Projector Multiply from the blob shadow prefab but nothing comes up on the plane.

I have a light in the scene...????

Thx for any tips

I got it to work. I selected the projector/additive shader which I never saw before. I must have missed it. Or, it just magically appeared. Dooh!

But now the texture tiles. How do I make it not repeat?

Does the projector GameObject move in the Scene View along with your cube?

If not, I would make sure that the cube is the parent of the projector and not the other way around. Otherwise the projector's transform position won't mirror that of the cube with constant force.

If the projector is moving on the Scene View, but the projected image is static in both the Game and Scene Views, then something screwy is going should be able to see the projected image update its position in both views just by dragging the projector in the scene view, even out of simulation mode.