blob shadow

Hiya All,

Looking at some of the dialogue here I feel I am such a noob :}

Okay, so I have a character with a blob shadow projector but the shadow is really dark. I would like a more subtle shadow but cannot see how to do that short of changing the material. Any thoughts??


Change the color of the shadow. You have to alter the texture if you use the built-in shaders, I think, but you can use the textures that the built-in materials do, and have more flexibility, if you use your own shader.

Shader "Projector/Multiply (alpha cookie)" {

Properties {
	_Color ("Color", Color) = (1,1,1)
	_MainTex ("Cookie (Alpha)", 2D) = "" {TexGen ObjectLinear}

Category {
	Tags {"Queue"="Transparent-1"}
	Offset -1, -1
	ZWrite Off
	Fog {Color(1,1,1)}
	Blend Zero SrcColor
	Subshader {Pass {
		varying mediump vec2 uv;

		#ifdef VERTEX
		uniform mediump mat4 _Projector;
		void main() {
			gl_Position = gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix * gl_Vertex;
			mediump vec4 position_Projector = _Projector * gl_Vertex;
			uv = position_Projector.xy / position_Projector.w;
		#ifdef FRAGMENT
		uniform lowp sampler2D _MainTex;
		uniform lowp vec3 _Color;
		void main() {
			lowp float mainTex = texture2D(_MainTex, uv).a;
			gl_FragColor.rgb = _Color * (1. - mainTex) + mainTex;

	Subshader {Pass {
		SetTexture[_MainTex] {
			ConstantColor[_Color]	// .a has to be 1 to match GLSL
			Combine constant alpha Lerp(texture) constant