Block Extrusion Help

Hey guys! It’s me with my Portal-like game again :smiley: I’ve asked this question before but apparently it got lost when UnityAnswers was moving to the new server. :stuck_out_tongue: This time I want to achieve something like this : UDK Game - Q.U.B.E. Early Demo - YouTube But in Unity. (Sorry for the long intro…) I only care about the “block moving” part…

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I am using Unity 3.3 (YAY… I switched :smiley: )

What’s your actual problem?
It’s funny to read questions about a complex-portal-like-game and you’re not able to move a block on your own?

Anyway, there are a lot of ways to do something like that.
Some general points:

  • Use Raycasts to determine the object you’re looking at
  • The moving should be implemented in the block itself. So the block knows how much it can move, in what way and in what direction.
  • I would use a baseclass that act as interface with two functions like MoveIn and MoveOut. Every block which is derived from this class can implement these two events differently.

(since you didn’t specify a language i don’t provide any code).