[Blocker][IN-68441] Wrong Window Transform

We just updated to PolySpatial 1.0.3 and saw that the transforming for Volumes/bounded cameras changed.

We have some kind of a special scenario where we render our game on a RenderTexture, show that on a plane and then use a .windowStyle(.plain) in Swift instead of .windowStyle(.volumetric). We know this is officially not supported, but so far everything worked great - even this new change of transforms is actually helpful as the Unity content scales now correctly when the window gets resized instead of being cut off.

The only issue is, that when we drag the handle of the window along the z-Axis, the Unity content gets scaled as well. We assume this is partly some kind of default behaviour of visionOS, but the scaling is way too extreme for the Unity content, so it gets way to small when it gets moved closer and is cut off due to it’s big scaling when we move it far away.

We saw that the size changes get logged in Xcode, but unfortunately the OnWindowResized method in Unity does not get called when we attach our own function to it.

So is there a way to listen to those transform changes? Either in Unity or Xcode, does not matter. It would also be fine if we could disable this newly added transform changes to get the behaviour from PolySpatial 0.7.0. Best case would be to disable only the transform changes when the window gets moved along the z-Axis, but still have the correct scaling when we use the window resize handle. Thanks in advance!

Here is also a short recording that shows the current behaviour


As we haven’t gotten any replies here and we are actually building in Mized Reality App Mode, I have now also posted about this in the MR category: [Blocker][IN-68441] MR content rendered into Window gets scaled when moved