[blocker] Rotating the bounding volume causes CPU usage spike to nearly 100%

We have several hundred small, simple meshes in game and we rotate the bounding volume to allow player to view the scene from all directions without disturbing the physics, and it seems that doing so causes insane lag spikes.

From our investigation we discovered that a big contributor to dips in performance could be PolySpatialUnityTracker.TrackObjectChanges.

I assume that’s because of recalculations needed to render object in new positions. Some of the objects are actually invisible and not intended for interaction with player, is there a way to stop being processed? Description of ‘Ignored Objects Layer Mask’ seems to indicate that it should do so, but we saw no noticeable improvement in bounding volume rotation performance.

Is this with the 1.0.x version? It would be great to get a reproduction test case, if you can submit one with the in-editor bug reporter (Help menu). This isn’t expected, rotating a volume should be essentially free; there should be no recomputing coordinates involved beyond just a regular transform update (isimilar to if you were to just start changing the rotation of a parent gameobject with a bunch of child objects).

Yes, this is 1.0.3 version

Plain scene with 400 Game Object consumes in standby 20-25% on device, and rotating volume consumes 70-80%, its a big blocker for us and I just submited bug report: IN-68084