Blocking triggers from other layers' triggers

So I have these objects with triggers that overlap.
4 layers.
Player [1/top], Blocker [2] Cover Detector [3], Item [4]

I was looking to set up something like have the Cover Detector check to see if it comes into contact with Item. When it does, I would like the Blocker object to prevent Item’s trigger from detecting the trigger on Player until Cover Detector no longer comes into contact with Item.

I have the collision matrix sort of figured out I thought and things are displaying properly on layers but I’m not entirely sure how to set up the Blocker part or if it’s possible to do what I’m thinking.

Hi there.

What you are asking to do is possible but it’s going to mean changing layers of objects in code.


You can just change it to the layer you want in OnTriggerEnter() then revert it back on OnTriggerExit().

Hope this helps.