Blocky shadows on procedural terrain meshes

I have created a procedural terrain because the default terrain didn’t fulfill my needs.
Now I am struggling to get a decent lighting to work on it. I have one directional light, which ideally should be realtime.
As you can see in the screenshot blow there are ugly stripes on this very simple mesh.
They seem to move when the camera is moving. I’ve tried a range of things, including:

  • Camera clipping planes
  • Baking (seems to have the same result)
  • Light Probes
  • Rendering paths don’t seem to have any effect

The higher I set the shadow resolution, the thinner these stripes get.

  • The vertices of the meshes have all normals up
  • The meshes have one UV channel

Can anyone help?

alt text

The comment of Harinezumi was very helpful.

Though, Instead of taking a cross product I now iterate every vertex **normal** and check its neighbours. Then I simply add them (then normalize them) to get the "average" normal of both. Along with incorrect lighting setting (my sun was under a very low angle) this has solved the problem and now I get decent shading on this low-poly procedural terrain.

The blocky shadows where artifacted because my directional light was under the exact same angle of the surface. That surface didn't have the correct normals, resulting in very weird shadows.

![alt text][1]

I went ahead and added a shader to texturize by vertex color :wink:

This looks like problems with the bias settings on your light.

Go to the light / lights and adjust any setting with “bias” in its name.