Blog Post Series - Games Focus: Creating and operating connected games with multiplayer networking

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We're excited to share the eighth post in our Games Focus series, highlighting key product development initiatives for the year ahead and beyond. This installment covers the status, upcoming release plans, and future vision for Unity Multiplayer Networking.

Games Focus: Creating and operating connected games with multiplayer networking

Building a complete networking system for your game should be just like the game itself: unique and refined to fit your game’s experience.

With that in mind, we wanted to build a netcode solution that’s flexible enough to accommodate every core aspect of your multiplayer game, while also making it easier for you to use third-party tools or services if you need to. This is the fundamental goal of our netcode solutions.

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REALLY looking forward to getting Multiplayer Play Mode introduced

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@UnityJuju - I will check out the tutorials you've suggested. What I'm looking for is a tutorial that makes a very simple multiplayer game, even backgammon as an example, that illustrates how to use UGS services like Relay & Lobby to make a prototype.

Look forward to more content and collaboration in the future.

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