Blog: Why folder structures matter

As a consultant on the Customer Success team, Jose Mendez often gets asked “Have we built our asset bundles right?” or a variation of this question. His answer is always the same: It depends on the project. He then chats with customers about the specifics. Although this answer is accurate, it doesn’t provide any insights to aid future projects.

While a common dilemma, Jose struggles to find a more general answer to the question (despite our existing guidelines and best practices for addressables). Some users don’t know if bundles are correct to start with, and his time is often limited to examining projects for memory optimization. This means he can’t tell the intended use for every asset in a project. Additionally, as a project scales, it can become impossible for any one person to answer the same question for each and every asset.

Eventually, a realization hit Jose: The question of building asset bundles correctly limits the perspective to find a more general answer.

For more on this, read his full blog.