blogspot blank HTML page to string ??

hello everyone, there is actually some text on the page, this is my blog, how can i make this blank page to string, can i use WWW??, in blog say “Test Blank”, i need my string to “Test Blank”, so string load word on blog,

That is not a blank page. It’s actually a normal HTML page. Here’s the actual content of that page. In line 43 is your actual text. However if you want text that should be read by Unity or any automated app / program you don’t want to provide an HTML page. Just use a txt file or if you have structured data JSON would be the easiest solution.

You can’t simply read “Blank Page” out of the HTML page. You would need an HTML parser who can read HTML and allows you to traverse the nodes in the HTML file. However loading nearly 9KB of data when you want to only get “Blank Page” would be a huge waste of time.

Since you haven’t mentioned what you need this text for or what kind of access / freedom you have on your blog server we can’t really suggest an alternative.