Blood Pool how to?

Hello there, My problem is that I want to make a beautiful blood mark in the floor when the enemy dies, I tried many things since make a projector, that doesnt work because of the limited amount of possibility of blending projector have ( Just multiply or light, not alpha blending), tried to make a model of blood to stay in the floor, but it is strange, tried planes but also strange, anyone have a clue??

Thanks in advance!


I dont know what you mean with "strange", but your need is a quite common one: you wish Unity have an integrated decal system :)

The quickest solution is found on Unity 3D Store: and it's quite nice, so if you like it don't forget to donate a few bucks to the author ;)

Then there is the do-it-yourself way: a good pointer is found here:

Then, you really should cast your votes here:

Cheers, Pino