Blood splatter PNG file flush with terrain?


I just made a blood splatter .PNG image in GIMP with a transparent background and I was wondering how to place this onto a piece of my terrain? I tried placing the image of the blood on a plane but that made the blood look rigid and it didn’t match up to the terrain quite correctly. I don’t need it so that an object shoots the blood everywhere (getting shot), but rather it be a preset texture on the ground so when a player comes across the blood it is already there (static). All the while looking as if the blood is actually on the ground.


I believe what you may be looking for is the Projector.

found here: Unity - Manual: Projector component

One of it’s suggested uses would be to create bullet holes. I believe you could spatter blood using your blood .PNG file.

It won’t combine a texture with your terrain texture but you can shine it on to your terrain, you could even tell it what layers to ignore. In this case, you would want to ignore all layers except for terrain so you dont have it shining on your players as they walk over it.

Hope that helps.