Blood splatter when shot?

Hello people! Im using the robot, sentry gun from the FPSTuorial and the Orb from the 3rd person one. Im using the first person controller and I want blood to come on the screen and fade out after a while when the player looses health. Can anyone help me? Much appreciated!

Here is a pretty good blood splatter script. You can adapt it for screen splatter by making spatter decals instantiate on the near plane of the camera parented to the camera so that it moves with the view.

Iwas thinking aparticle renderer I have been expeimenting with it for my gameObject [firehydrant.damaged] :) and it looks alright I believe it can look better and will be refining it. link to screen capture pic It kinda resembles liquid.

to create custom texture you can paint a texture directly on a model in the view port