Blue screen of Death...

I installed Unity like 3 Days ago and everything was running fine until i gut Unity 2D tutorial

Errors that are happening.. When i open Unity 2D tutorial (Weird creature ruining around in 2D) Every time i Maximize Unity or Expand the columns (Hierarchy,Project and Inspector) it will bring The Blue screen of death....whit an error like (STOP 0x0000008E)

However so far this has only has happened whit Unity 2D other project will give the blue screen of death matter how many time i expand the columns or maximized Unity nothing will happen as long is not the the 2D tutorial...

My System..(she is kind of old) Windows XP Professional (SP3) 2GB of Ram 1.6 GH Dual core Ati Readon 9000

HD 250GB

And yes I reinstall Unity like 20 times already....

I apologize for any drama error ....English is not ma first language Thanx

First of all that question i horribly explained, secondly the answer to your question might be that the "Blue screen of death" is just the default background color and nothing is showing up because either you don't have anything in your scene and/or your camera isnt pointing at the objects in your scene. Try out a couple of tutorials from and next time explain your question better. This is another IDENTICAL thread about this same issue. It is on the far right of this page under the related section. Check for related topics before posting.

You have tried re-installing unity. Try reinstalling the graphics drivers. If that doesn't work, try re-installing windows. If that doesn't work, try a different computer.