Blur effect in water

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new to Unity and I was wondering how hard would it be to do this effect.

I want my water texture to sort of ‘filter’ everything in it or behind it and make it look like blurred.

I know this can be pretty easily done with the camera effects when for example my character is underwater, but since this a 2D side platformer I would like the effect to be applied ONLY to the water even when the character is out of it.

See the image below if it makes it clearer to you. What I’m looking for is actually an effect similar to the grainy blur in the “Limbo” water, if you’ve played the game.

Take a look at this:

I think you’ll find a package in the thread with a distortion shader that might do something similar enough to what you want to achieve. You might also be able to hack around in the shader to add some blur.

Here’s how it looks like, with a very delicate blur effect on it. Looks a lot nicer when animated :stuck_out_tongue: .