Blurry after build

Hi guys.
I’m making a card game in unity. I use canvas in World Space to make the card. Everything is fine when I test it in unity but when I build it everything becomes blurry. At first I thought may be something wrong with the sprites, but then I notice even the Text is blurry.

Here are 2 picture, the first is inside unity and the second is the build:

It may hard to see the different if you look at the small picture but when you open out the full picture you will see the blur in the build.

I’m using macboook Pro: 2880x1800, 220 ppi. The sprite was self-drawed in Pts with 72 ppi. I have tried to mess with the sprite editor but no hope (like I said, even the text are blurry so it’s not just the sprite).
I’m also using TextMeshPro.

(my sprite editor)

So if anyone has any idea what is the problem. I’m very appreciated.

Actually after I ask this question, I research some more and it seem like the problem is Unity doesn’t support standalone build for mac device with Retina display really well. A lot of people having the same problem as me and they are asking for the feature. I guess we need to wait for unity to apply it.