Blurry / Pixelated images on Unity 3D for iOS,

Hello, I have a app I am developing in unity 3d (2019.4.1f1, also in 2020) which displays a 3D Poker Card that has a 2D Asset loaded on it. My Assets on the Poker Cards are displaying blurry and pixelated.

See below:

Below are the current card sizes in unity.

Ive messed with Max Size, Texture Type and numerous other options here to no avail. Anyone know what I need to do get these images crisp and clear on iOS (presumably first in the Play build on my desktop)? Do I need to resize the actual file images in Photoshop and if so how would I determine the optimal size? Do I need to do math from the camera distance to the card to influence the size? I played around with sizes and the image didn’t improve much. Thanks! Ill read this everyday, at my wits end!



I was having same problem recently. My friend noticed that sprites look better (less pixelated) if you do it this way in Photoshop:
Ctrl+K in a general tab, change image interpolation to nearest neighbor.
We are still testing it.


Are your sprites look great in scene preview, but bad in game? If yes then go Game window, does resolution set to 16:9? Try to set in to 720 or 1080p.
Also play with asset’s filter mode. Try no filter.