Blurry sprite in unity

I am trying to import a sprite sheet png image into unity and i find that its blurry within unity.

i have gone through similar questions and i have tried the following steps, however the image is still blurry (albeit less blurry than it was originally)

resolution has been set to ^2 (1024 x 256 is the current resolution)
image has been set to truecolor from compressed.
disabled mipmapping using advanced import settings.
set filter mode to point.
max size set to 4096 (this doesn’t make a difference above 1024 anyways)
the original image itself was created as 300DPI (again i don’t think this matters)

is there anything i need to do with regards to image creation itself?

i would really like to get the high quality image to display well in unity and i would appreciate very much, any help given.


I think unity will have that blurry sprite because if you have a pixelated sprite, it does not do it pixelated, it blurs out which is usefull for somethings but not for others.