Blurry Sprites

I’ve went through many of similar posts already and could not find my answer, but I’ve imported and png I made and tried to create sprites from it in Unity. Every time I select my sprites they come out blurry. All the settings seem to be right, multiple sprite mode, 16 pixels per unit, generate mip maps unchecked, filter mode to point, max size 128, and format is set to true color.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there any information I’m missing?

what do you want to do with your image?
if it’s an image fix, you can create a canevas with render mode “world space” and put a raw image in and you drag the texture in… texture. good i see you follow x)
But paye attention to the original size of the image! if you make a bigger image, it will be pixalizated like in minecraft! (and i don’t think that’s what you want).
i hope your problem will be resolved :slight_smile: