Blurry Textures

I have a simple house made in 3DS Max with the texture set to 4096pi x 4096pi. When I put the texture on the house in Max, it renders out clear and crisp. In Unity, even when the scale is kept at 1, it comes out blurry for some reason.

I know most problems come from the image not being a power of 2 or the scale of the object in Unity causes the texture to be blurry, but none of those should be a factor. How is it that Max shows a clean render, but Unity turns everything gross?

This is the render I get in Max

This is what I get in Unity

I just imported everything into UDK and got a crisp texture as well. It seems to only be Unity making a fuss.

Try setting the texture to “true color” and make sure the texture size setting is big enough (keep increasing it until it is no longer blurry.

You might have the texture compressed right now, or your size could be 1024 when you probably need 4096 for such a huge texture to be 100% quality.