Boat Attack MemoryProfilerWindow.cs 'EditoUtilityCompatibilityHelper' does not exist on the current context error?

I downloaded the Demo BoatAttack project recently on my Unity 2019.4 LTS. Although the demo project was meant for Unity 2019.3, i upgraded it. Almost all errors were fixed but i can’t figure out the solution to this error it constantly shows in the editor that says - "Library\PackageCache\com.unity.memoryprofiler@0.2.1-preview.1\Editor\MemoryProfilerWindow.cs(1057,158): error CS0103: The name ‘EditoUtilityCompatibilityHelper’ does not exist in the current context
I tried changing ‘EditoUtilityCompatibilityHelper’ to ‘EditorUtilityCompatibilityHelper’ but it still showed the same error. Can someone help please, i can’t run the game until all compiler errors are fixed!

Go to “Package Manager” , change tab to “In Project” , Find “Memory Profiler”, Update that, restart Unity should be OK!
去"包管理器",改变标签到"In Project", 找到 “Memory Profiler”,然后更新,重启Unity,应该就可以了