Boid example - UnitySteer 2.0

I'm trying to get the Boid example to work with the newly released Unitysteer 2.0.

I was wondering if somebody could walk me through with this example.

I've added all the behaviors mentioned here But the only one that seems to "do" anything is the randomize behavior. No forces seem to be applied. Do I need to add my own control script?

Thanks for your help, hoping this would aid some others starting off with UnitySteer.

Also, I use UnityScript - I've noticed all the scripts in UnitySteer are C# would this be a hindrance?


Basically what helped me get all the examples working:

Instead of fetching the examplr project from Github I got it from the Arges site. (Here's the link, as long as they don't change it).

Then all the examples work. As long as your not about to add behaviorism on top of the basic ones available - no need for scripting to get it working...just add the behaviors necessary (for example, an autonomous vehicle, a radar ping, and steerforwander)...tweak the parameters and you should see the results...