Bold EditorGUILayout label(name)

I’m working on custom editor and I would like to make it clarified, but I’m stuck on one thing.
How can I bold label name in EditorGUILayout?

bool toggle = EditorGUILayout.Toggle("Is active?", toggle); 

alt text

Trying also in another way, using GUILayout.BeginHorizontal() but it isn’t look like I want(toggle is moved to right).

	EditorGUILayout.LabelField("Task number " + (i + 1), EditorStyles.boldLabel);
	taskEnabled.boolValue = EditorGUILayout.Toggle("", taskEnabled.boolValue);

alt text


var origFontStyle = EditorStyles.label.fontStyle;
EditorStyles.label.fontStyle = FontStyle.Bold;
EditorGUILayout.Toggle(“Is active?”, false, EditorStyles.toggle);
EditorStyles.label.fontStyle = origFontStyle;
Plz, don’t ask me how do I know it…