Bomberman explosion particle effect

Hey ho,

I am working on a bomberman like game just to learn a bit more about Unity an C#. I managed to get everything working so far (which is for me already a huge success :slight_smile: ), however I am currently stuck cause I simply don’t understand the particle system in Unity.
I watched several videos so I get what all options are therefore but I somehow lack the knowhow how to use all of these elements to achieve what I want to…

I am looking for to get an explosion like in Bomberman Check out this video: Bomberman Ultra Gameplay ~ PS3 - YouTube

Is this possible at all with the Particle system ? I guess so… Can anyone give me some tips on how to achieve this or does anyone know where I can get a prefab with such an explosion ?
FYI. I am currently using the line renderer to draw the explosion path and I want to stick the particle effect to the linerenderer.

as for me, the better way is to use animated explosion texture on LineRenderer.

Like these:สร้างเกมส์-html5-ง่ายๆ-part3-สร้าง-e/explosion-sprite-sheet-i0/

My solution to animate such textures is written here: have to keep png files for animation? - Unity Answers