Bone don't become a parent

I have animated bear model in scene. I added Box collider as trigger for some bones of the model. Then player object throw a spear to the bear model. When spear hit collider of bone, bone should become a parent of the spear to make sense that when bear is moving, spear get stuck in it’s leg. But spear’s parent is not a bone but a model (((, it is my problem. Here is a script of spear:

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) {
	transform.parent = other.transform;
	hit = true;

I don’t see any problem with your script or the way you setup your triggers. Are you sure that only the bones have the “Bone” tag and your colliders are triggers ?

Try adding a Debug.Log("Spear hits " +; in your if statement to see if the tag compare is successful. Does the spear even get a new parent? Have you checked the hierarchy at runtime?