Bones not following animation with constraints in play mode

So I am trying to create a first-person viewmodel, and it needs to equip different weapons at different times.

To deal with this, I have individual bones for each weapon the player can equip. The animation for these bones are created via a “child of” constraint in blender. That way, I can just set a gameobject as a child of the bone, so it can move with the bone. These are baked in, and I can verify there is nothing wrong with the fbx that I export.

The animation plays correctly with the correct child being updated when viewed through the “Animation” window in the editor as seen here

However, in play mode, this isn’t updated correctly and the bones do not follow the animation. as seen here

What could be causing this problem?

Found the issue. My layermask didn’t include the changes when I recreated the armature, so it wasn’t including the weapons bones. Simple mistake.