BOO: Error BCE0019: 'texture' is not a member of 'object'.

Hey Guys,
I’m trying to set up some basic classes, but I can’t figure it out how I can make the Block class callable like this: “Blocks.getBlockById(id)”
I’m just getting this error:

BCE0019: 'texture' is not a member of 'object'.

Here’s my code:

import UnityEngine

public class BlockTexture(): // function parameters are the position in the texture
	def textureIndexToPosition(i as int):
		return Vector2(
			i % Blocks.textureSize
	def constructor(_top as int, _north as int, _east as int, _south as int, _west as int, _bottom as int):
		top as Vector2    = textureIndexToPosition(_top)
		north as Vector2  = textureIndexToPosition(_north)
		east as Vector2   = textureIndexToPosition(_east)
		south as Vector2  = textureIndexToPosition(_south)
		west as Vector2   = textureIndexToPosition(_west)
		bottom as Vector2 = textureIndexToPosition(_bottom)

public class Block():
	def constructor(_id as int, _name as string, _texture as BlockTexture ):
		id as int               = _id
		name as string          = _name
		texture as BlockTexture = _texture

public static class Blocks (MonoBehaviour): 
	public textureSize as int = 10;

	public blockList as List = [
		Block(0, "Stone", BlockTexture(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0) ),
		Block(1, "Dirt",  BlockTexture(1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1) ),
		Block(2, "Grass", BlockTexture(3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1) )
	public def getBlockById(id):
		return blockList[id]	

Thanks in advance!

Looks like your blockList is holding objects instead of Blocks. You need to use the generic form of List, or cast the object to a block. I have no idea how to do either in Boo.