Boo support removed... but functionality as well?

I knew that unity support for boo was to be cut out (no documentation, no code snippets and examples, etc). But it was always mentioned that existing projects will work as before. To my big surprise, i don’t see any boo projects in the solution now. Is this a clear “f*ck off” to all boo users, no matter how big their projects using boo are? Or is there something i missed and it’s possible to continue working as before? What is a recommended procedure for boo users? (rewriting to cWhatever is NOT an option)

I think i figured it out, it’s EditorPreferences/External Tools/Add unityproj’s to sln, seems to restore the original project creation functionality

I don’t know which IDE you’re using. I tried creating a .boo file in Explorer and double clicking the boo script in Unity loads up Visual Studio for me, but there is no Boo project in the solution.

It would be possible to add Boo files to the solution automatically if you create a script that generates a new solution or modifies the solution that Unity created. This means getting gritty with the solution format. You also need to generate a project file. Take a look at the solution file that is generated and the C# project files (or the old boo project files if you have access to an older version of Unity) to get an idea of what you need to do.

Back in the days (I can’t remember when exactly) I had problems with Unity not generating the project files for me and I wrote an editor extension which is available on the wiki. Note that this has not been maintained and is likely out of date, but perhaps if you need to generate the project files it could be a place to start looking. Expect to modify the code to work with recent versions of Visual Studio etc.

It is definiely being phased out.

You need to create your scripts outside the editor.

EDIT : I simply created a file and threw it in to the directory. Double clicked it and the boo solution appeared in my MonoDevelop under Assembly-Boo

Unity 5.2.2f1 - Add .unityproj to .sln is greyed out and editor is attached.

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There is a downloadable file that you can add to your assets to be able to make boo scripts with the “create” button.
I am new to unity and the only useful thing I have found is that file. Are there any good boo tutorials for beginners?