bool value does not change

Hello everyone!
I have a simple code here that’s causing me problems.
I want to create my prefab once, so that I have my boolean here to check,
I can’t put my code in a Start function because I might call a function
CreateNext() to change the bool value to true, so that the update funciton waits until I tell(call function CreateNext) it to create an another prefab.

private var create = true;

function Update()
	 var prefab:GameObject =    Instantiate(myPrefab,gameObject.transform.position,Quaternion.identity);
	prefab.transform.parent = transform;
	create = false;

public function CreateNext()
   create = true;

but as i run the game, a prefab is created non-stop that means the boolean setting to false didn’t work.
any ideas where’s might be my mistake?

Wouldn’t it be easier to use the Singleton pattern ?

Instead of having a boolean that defines whether or not your prefabs has been created, put the instance of your prefab in a static variables. Then to know if your prefab has already been created, just check if your static variable already exist. For example :

private static Instance = null;

void Update()
	if(Instance == null)
		// Create instance of your object here

That method works with C#, don’t know if it works with other language.

Hoped it helped :wink: