boolean issue

I have an issue with a boolean. It’s showing up as true when supposed to be false any help? All the variables in the arrays are rigidbodies and are declared in the inspector. It’s showing firstPhrase as true when its supposed to be false.

var a = [ab, ac, ad, ae, af, ag];
var b = [ba, bc, bd, be, bf, bg];
var c = [ca, cb, cd, ce, cf, cg];
var d = [da, db, dc, de, df, dg];
var e = [ea, eb, ec, ed, ef, eg];
var f = [fa, fb, fc, fd, fe, fg];
var allObjects = [a, b, c, d, e, f];
        var theLetter = allObjects[Random.Range(0,allObjects.Length)];
	var thePhrase = theLetter[Random.Range(0,theLetter.Length)];

    var spawn = Instantiate(thePhrase, Vector3(-0.27, -0.55,0), Quaternion.identity);
if(spawn == ab || ba || ca || da || ea || fa){
		firstPhrase = true;
	}else if (spawn !== ab || ba || ca || da || ea || fa){
		firstPhrase = false;

Aaargh, please type your variables - this code is just asking for errors!

I don’t use UnityScript (for exactly this reason), but you said that “All the variables in the arrays are rigidbodies”. And yet spawn is an Object (because that’s what Instantiate returns). So your Boolean test will always return false.