Booleans in button inputs - help

So i have this set up so the first time i press spacebar (jump) it’s supposed to roll the dice

And then the second time it’s pressed it resets the level so you can roll it again

but it’s not working… i THINK it has something to do with the booleans in the if statements for button input… but i’ve been screwing with it for hours

#pragma strict

//create variables for the force inputs
var intYForce : int;
var intXForce : int;
var intZForce : int;
//create variable for angstyness
public var chuckingStrength : int;
//define d20fixed as a rigid body so we can do physics stuff
var d20fixed : Rigidbody;
//declare jumpBlocked cariable
private var jumpBlocked = false;

function Start(){

//set initial value of chuckingstrength

function Update () {
//throw the dice if jumpBlocked is false	
	if(jumpBlocked==false && Input.GetButtonDown("Jump")){
//set randoms for force inputs		

//make sure they're not zero

//add force to the die

//set jumpBlocked to true so it will reset the level next time spacebar is pressed
		jumpBlocked = true;

//reload the level if jump is pressed and it is set to blocked
	if(jumpBlocked==true && Input.GetButtonDown("Jump")){
//set jumpBlocked back to false so you can roll again after reset	
	jumpBlocked = false;
//reload level
	Application.LoadLevel (Application.loadedLevel);
//make it so when you press the up button angst goes up
		chuckingStrength = chuckingStrength + 1;
		if(chuckingStrength==21)  {
		chuckingStrength = 20;

//make it so when you press the down button angst goes down
		chuckingStrength = chuckingStrength - 1;
		if(chuckingStrength==2)  {
		chuckingStrength = 3;
	if(Input.GetButtonUp ("exit")){

//function to wait 3 seconds and reload the level
//function Reload(){
	//block input
//	jumpBlocked = true;
	//wait chuckingStrength/3 seconds
//	yield WaitForSeconds ((chuckingStrength/5)+1);
	//unblock input
//	jumpBlocked = false;
	//reload level
//	Application.LoadLevel (Application.loadedLevel);

Thank you in advance! I’m pretty sure it’s something simple but i’m a noob and can’t see it

to be more specific… when i press spacebar (jump) it just resets the level… it never rolls the die

Insert this into your code, and change RollDice() to whatever your dice roll function’s name is :slight_smile:

function Update()
		if(jumpBlocked== false)
			jumpBlocked= true;
			jumpBlocked= false;

Also, if you reload the level, how could any dice be rolled? After all, everything is reset, no?