bootcamp demo reloading problem

when i import unity into a new project and play it nothing is going wrong, i hold down the shoot button until he runs out of bullets and it goes normally but when i hold the shoot button down even when he stops shooting the soldier reloads and then he begins reloading a second consecutive time and the bullet fire from where they were before even though the gun is facing down and the soldier is still reloading it, please help me, i want the soldier to only reload once when he runs out of bullets

Hi, after much searching, the answer turns out to be pretty simple. For the Gun script, attached to the M4 gameobject, in the inspector the reload time set at (2.6) is twice as long as the time needed to reload, so the animation plays twice even though the reloading flag is not active after the first reload animation. To fix the problem, just set the reload time to 1.3.

never mind i fixed it